First session (with free take home product) Anal and Bikini Female/Male  · $300

First Session Underarms and Other Areas  ·  $225

Additional Sessions  ·  $150

Product  ·  $80 per bottle (plus tax)

3 Session Package with Product Male/Female  ·  $700


This treatment has gained more popularity in recent years and the interest in enhancing anal, vaginal, and other areas has grown. Discoloration of the anal and vaginal areas can be caused by aging, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and more. As more people discover bikini waxing, the more the interest has grown into observing how they look once the hair is removed. Anal and vaginal lightening (also known as anal bleaching) is becoming increasingly popular because it can diminish unsightly discoloration or pigmentation.

Please note, because everyone's skin will react to the procedure differently, we can not guarantee results. Please discuss this with our licensed professional for further details.


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