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Our Specialty Service! Tans Plus Med Spa has the the best tanning beds in the East Bay. We offer an array of the finest tanning systems available, including low pressure, stand-up, and high pressure tanning systems. We offer multiple levels of tanning to fit your individual needs. Whether you are getting ready for a vacation or event, or getting your summer glow year around, we offer several monthly and session packages designed to meet your specific need. We use only premium equipment here to give you amazing results. Most beds have been upgraded within the last year. Please consult with one of our staff members for a tour of our beds to find the right level and package for you.

New! Ergoline Affinity 500

Introducing our 2 Ergoline Affinity 500 beds! For a "Level 2" tan, these 10 minute beds offer the most in modern sun tanning technology. They incorporate 43 Turbo Power 160 watt lamps, 3 adjustable Ultra Performance Facial Lamps, and a sleek comfort cooling system to deliver a measured moment of paradise.

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Sun Capsule Eclipse

Our new Sun Capsule Eclipse is a state of the line medium-high pressure stand-up tanning system. For the on the go clients, this 8 minute bed gives you the efficiency you need without sacrificing quality. Sun Capsule has been consistently rated the best stand up bed in the industry.

New! Iso Italia L18 Class

The newest member of our family! Our premier high pressure tanning bed is Italian made with precision and efficiency in mind. It maximizes gentle ray exposure while preventing burn. 12 high pressure body lamps with 4 solarium facial lamps give you the equivalent of 3-4 regular tans with a single tan. Did we mention you can get a massage while tanning on this bed? Ideal for those looking for a deep, bronzed gorgeous color in less time while relaxing in ultimate comfort. Take your tan to the next level!

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Sun Star 432

Starting out or haven't tanned in a while? This is the perfect bed for you. The SunStar 432 incorporates optional Xtreme Reflection facials, a body cooling system, and overall curved relaxing feel to give newcomers a prime 12 minute experience.

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